123RF Review 2021: The Best Stock Music Site That You Should Try

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With time, the online world is getting more invaded with assets like images, blogs, articles, music, videos, and a lot more. As we all know, the Internet also comes with specific rules and regulations. Of course, more than half of the social media and web assets are available for public use, but some of them are not there as free stuff. Not to mention, they cannot be accessed without passing the copyright protocols. Right! 

And, here comes a tussle with always creating original content. That, of course, not always easy to develop something of your own, especially in today’s fast-paced work culture, when everything needs to be done on deadlines. So, what better than free stock websites like 123RF can help you in this scenario. Isn’t it?

There are various free stock websites available on the web. But, not all of them can provide you with what you want to achieve. So, here’s 123RF- one of the best stock music site for you. It offers free stock images, video clips, and much more.

Hence, today, I’m going to review it based on different parameters, such as features, pricing, advantages, disadvantages, and all. Are you ready to read the 123RF review post? If yes, then, here we go!

Let’s first know what is 123RF in detail!

What Is 123RF?

It is an establish stock content company that started in the year 2005. It offers free stock music, royalty-free images, videos, cliparts, and vectors. In all these years, 123RF has become one of the best agencies to serve various leading online content marketing communities. 


How To Download Free Stock Images From 123RF?

You have to follow the following steps to download free stock images in a matter of a few minutes-

Step 1: Create an account (Free) on the website If you already have an account, then simply signup.

Step 2: Login into the account with your creds.


Step 3: Scroll around the page. Well, you can go to the search engine and select the type of image you want going through the drop-down option given there. Else, you can go to the top of the page and accordingly find your needed photos, videos, and audios.

Step 4: After finding your desired image, go to download, and that’s it.

Best Characteristics Of 123RF (Overview)-


High-quality stock images:

No doubt, one of the best characteristics of this platform is high-quality free stock images. That everyone can access without any inconvenience. As I have said, this stock website has over 65 million images (vector and clipart frames as well), which are categorized as per different niches, subjects, and topics. So, you can find a wide range of themed photos on it. Besides, all images are graphically verified based on their quality, size, and dimension.

Quiet affordable to use:

It is one of those free stock images and music websites that comes with very affordable prices. 123RF has an entire gallery of royalty-free images from where you can download and use any photo for commercial purposes. But, always remember to go through the license agreement. So, you won’t be entangled in any legal issue.

Both print and digital format:

Yes, you can download images in both formats: digital and print using this platform. However, in print format, there’s a limit of up to 10,000 image copies. On the other hand, you can access 50,000 files regards the free image ensemble. 

Make money seamlessly:

Don’t you know that you can also earn money through 123RF? So, yes, you can make money on this one of the best stock music site. For that, you have to become a contributor to this website. Follow the given steps to register yourself as a contributor-

  1. Signup for the contributor account.
  2. Afterward, you have to upload your images or videos or audios or vectors.

So, you get money whenever a visitor downloads your image or video or audio on 123RF. The range of commission can vary according to different buying actions.

Must read the Contributor’s guidebook of 123RF for becoming a contributor to their website.

Excellent customer support:

They also provide brilliant customer support aspects. You can contact them through their live chat option. Or, you can also go through their contact page.


Here’re  Some Of The Important Facts & Stats About 123RF-

  • It has over 65 million stock images and vectors.
  • It also consists of EVO formate pictures, which only premium users can access.
  • You can also use royalty-free licenses here at a very low price.
  • It has a very advanced search engine with a reverse image search attribute.
  • You can also use its mobile application and access its amazing functions.
  • It also has a free online image editor, where you edit your photos before licensing them. Besides this, you can use an editorial license on it.
  • You can extend your free stock images license at a customizable price.
  • It accepts payments from credible mediums like PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, +cheque, bank transfer, and all.
  • It also offers royalty-free music within its audio galleries.
  • You can access its advanced characteristics under its different subscription plans.


Pricing Details Of 123RF:

The pricing module of this platform is divided into two categories-

On-Demand Credits

Features: Downloads Images, Footage, And Audio Clips.

Price: INR 79 /Credit

Subscription Plan

Recommended for long-term image usage.

Price: INR 33 /Image

You can apply for a customized pricing plan on 123RF. For that, you have to visit And, fill out this form to access corporate+ pricing plans.




Final Verdict:

It goes without saying that images, audios, videos, vectors, cliparts, and every different form of media play a crucial role in supporting your content marketing tactics. Well, we cannot also ignore the fact that always coming up with original ideas regarding content curation is not easy. So, at the time of content fatigue platforms like 123RF can help you in a big way. 

By using it, you cannot only access various forms of media but also can revive them as per your needs. That’s the key! You can save time as well as money. Moreover, use customizable corporate plans here at this one of the best stock music site.

Taking everything into consideration, we can simply say this one of the best stock music site is for everybody who no more wants to take the concept of originality so seriously all the time. That’s about it!

Did I miss something in this 123RF review? If yes, then don’t hesitate to comment in the section below. 

SaasTrac Team

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