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Clickmagick Link tracking software review 2021

Running an online business requires you to drive traffic to your website or sales funnel. However, if you are a small business, then waiting for organic traffic to flow in wouldn’t be a wise decision. Instead, you need to get more aggressive and invest in paid traffic. Now the challenge is to do this with the limited resources that you have. So, the key is to drive in not just any traffic, but qualified traffic that converts.

By qualified traffic, we mean the real human traffic that’s coming in through your sales funnel. With so many nasty bots around, qualified traffic is that small fraction of your aggregate traffic, which generates sales. ClickMagick provides this sort of laser-focused data, with which you could do wonders. By simply studying this small fraction of useful traffic, you can significantly boost your sales, and that’s exactly why you need this link tracking software. This sort of planned investing can help minimize ad costs and maximize sales. Now, that’s what this click tracking software is all about.

Why do I need ClickMagick?

Before we move any further, answer this — is all the traffic that you get to your website genuine? If you said ‘Yes’ then its time to wake up and come to terms with reality. The hard truth is that at least 40 percent of all the traffic on the world wide web is bot traffic.  In fact, even the data shown by some of the most popular analytics tools like Google Analytics does not filter out this bot traffic. Now, this is just one reason for you to make use of a more reliable click tracking software like ClickMagick.

By providing useful information and powerful tools, this link tracking software allows you to optimize your landing pages and increase conversions. You may have heard of the term Click Through Rate or CTR, but if you truly wish to unleash the power of clicks, then you need to know which clicks are generating sales. That would let you know exactly where you lack so that you can work on those areas and that is what ClickMagick helps you do. Let us now unleash some of the most innovative features of this web-based application and analyze how it can help maximize sales.

Traffic Quality Measured

According to reports, nearly 40% of all online traffic is bot traffic, which isn’t going to generate any sales. With so much of bot traffic causing chaos and confusion on the internet, it is critical to study the explicit behavior of human traffic. This is exactly what you can do with this link tracking software that filters out all the bad traffic, and provides useful insights. Besides that, it also helps you study the good traffic by classifying it into 3 categories — Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Moreover, you also get insights into unique IPs and traffic sources such as desktops or mobile devices. This allows you to better optimize your sales funnel, depending on where the majority of your Tier 1 traffic is coming from.

Prompt and Timely Notifications that help Save Money

The most exciting thing about this link tracking software is that you can reduce your ad costs by pausing and optimizing underperforming ads. That allows you to save a ton of money by making the right move, at the right time. Doing this is possible through this tool’s active notification center, that shoots useful notifications straight on your mobile phone or email ID. You can set the filters to receive these notifications based on action, conversion rate, engagement, and sales conversion rate. So, whenever your sales funnel underperforms, you can pause the ads running on that particular sales funnel and then optimize it. With the most recent updates in your inbox, you can redesign your ad campaign on-the-go, which confirms that you are moving in the right direction.

Hide Ugly Affiliate Links and Track them

If you run an affiliate business, then you know the downsides of using affiliate links. They look ugly, distrustful, and are restricted on several platforms, including Facebook. That’s pretty obvious because if you wish to promote something on a platform that allows advertising, then they would want you to advertise. Nonetheless, if you are a Social Media Influencer or have a Facebook Community where you wish to post affiliate links, then the only way to do that is by using website rotators. However, picking one randomly would be the worst thing to do because you need one that comes with a powerful redirect engine. ClickMagic offers a powerful website rotator that makes your affiliate links appear clean and also keeps track of them.

To do this, you simply need to add a C host record to allow necessary access to ClickMagic and then create a tracking link by entering your affiliate link in the primary URL. By doing this, your affiliate link would appear like any other page on your website. That allows you to post it on whichever platform you choose. Besides that, you could also add sub IDs, which are parameters such as ‘/fb’ or ‘/yt’ to the tracking link which tells you more about the traffic coming from those sources. Here ‘/fb’ is for Facebook and ‘/yt’ for YouTube, but you could easily set more sub IDs for other platforms. You can then make use of this platform-specific data to improve sales.

Track with Pixels

If you run an online business or are even remotely connected to digital marketing, then you definitely know the power of Pixels and how it can help accelerate sales. Pixels is a piece of code that you can add to your sales funnels and track visitors. On Clickmagick, you can set an action tracking pixel as an image/HTML or through a JavaScript snippet that you can then add to the header. By using this click tracking software, you can track visitors by action, engagement, and sales. So, if you put the pixel code on the ‘Thank you’ page, then you would know exactly how many unique users submitted their email IDs on the opt-in page. This data can help you make some extremely important business decisions.

ClickMagic Pricing

ClickMagick is a reasonably priced click tracking software that offers 3 plans based on the number of sales funnels, clicks and custom tracking domains. So, depending on the volume of your business, you can either choose the Starter Plan at $27 per month, Standard Plan at $67 per month or the Pro Plan which is priced at $97 per month. However, by choosing an annual plan, you could cut back on the costs by a whopping 25 percent. Also, ClickMagick offers you a 14-day free trial period, which gives you ample time to understand how this link tracking software works.

Profit boosting tools

ClickMagick offers complete digital marketing solutions and therefore, does not limit itself to providing insights into links and click analytics. Instead, this link tracking software goes a step further and brings you excellent magic tools such as magic pop-ups, magic bars, and countdown timers. ClickMagick lets you conveniently place these tools as an overlay on any of your sales or order pages. The most exciting thing is that you can also place them on third-party websites that you do not own.

Security Features

The digital advertising industry is a whopping 333 billion dollar industry, which makes it one of the most targeted by cybercriminals. The most common type of menace is the use of adware, and any traffic coming from it isn’t going to convert. Adware is a form of malware that cybercriminals inject into computers and mobile devices, which redirects an innocent user to an advertisement. Since the user did not do so voluntarily, you can be sure of zero conversion through this type of traffic. However, if you use ClickMagic, you are protected from click frauds to a great extent. This, in turn, helps you get the most out of your ad spend, which you can track through this link tracking software. As a result, that allows you to access the real figures of the filtered human traffic coming to your sales funnel.  

Exceptional Customer Support

The features mentioned in this article are a round-up of some of the most amazing features of ClickMagick, which has over 125 marketing tools piled-up into a single web application. To ensure that users get the best out of this click tracking software, ClickMagick offers timely customer support. Based on the pricing plan that you choose, you may have to wait for a maximum of 4 hours to hear from one of the support team members. They help you right from the initial set-up phase to understanding how best you can use this click tracking software for your online business.


Data is the new oil, and as an online business, you must strive hard to accumulate useful information. You then need to make use of the necessary tools to generate profits from that data. ClickMagick makes that extremely convenient by unleashing the power of 125 tools that provide insights into useful analytics and more.

You can use this tool to narrow down the most profitable platforms by identifying which sub IDs are generating more qualified traffic. This allows you to put your money in the right place. By making use of tools like magic pop-ups and countdown timers, you can build pressure on your leads and convert them faster. Also, this link tracking tool also allows you to place these magic tools on websites that you do not own. The very fact that this click tracking tool allows you to do so much from a single dashboard makes it one of our favorite digital marketing tools.

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