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Coschedule Review | A Complete Solution | Not Just a Content Scheduler

What is Coschedule?

Coschedule is a fully-featured Social Media Marketing Software for business owners, product managers, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs to improve productivity. It consists of a set of tools that helps manage all marketing-related work and content from a single place. It is a calendar with projections like Marketing and Editorial subjects that can be completely integrated with other social media platforms like WordPress, Google Calendar, and many more. 

Moreover, the tool also allows you to automate your entire posts on social media and handles the posting as per the schedule made. Coschedule is also a cloud-based software that is flexible for individuals, and businesses to manage, coordinate and schedule their built content and online campaigns.

Additionally, the Coschedule’s feature of its users to construct tasks for an individual section of its workflow lets tasks be ticked off from the list once it is done. The WordPress plugin is an excellent way to integrate the calendar which makes it a smooth process to create a social campaign of your choice. The drag and drop editor is a convenient way to drop items directly onto the calendar.



How to Start with Coschedule?

Getting started with Coschedule is effortless and simple. Users can just sign up for free and can start. Initially, you can try the free trial and later upgrade your plan in the future as per your requirement. 


The two-week window is quite enough to explore the platform and use it to understand your future needs. The payment process is hassle-free without requiring credit card information.

The Calendar feature is straightforward in handling the to-do list, tasks, and tracking deadlines. Users have the option to Create a Calendar for a new Project, Social Campaign or Message, and many more options to choose from.    


Features of Coschedule

Coschedule mainly focuses on two aspects. While one deals with content marketing, the other is related to management. Let us take a look at some of the important aspects.

Content Marketing Features

While it is important to write catchy content, it is equally important to even make it a point to reach the appropriate audience. Coschedule’s content marketing feature helps you with,

  • Schedule blog posts
  • Publish across various apps and platforms
  • Task grouping
  • Managing campaigns
Content Management 

There are several goals to achieve before you post any content. That is when content management comes in handy and performs the following,

  • Integrates with WordPress
  • Headline tool for creating better content title
  • Can use collaboration tools
  • Planning schedule with the calendar
  • Storing up to 2 GB of data

Benefits of Coschedule

1.The tool allows users to plan their content with the time that can go well with blogs and networks as well.

2.The management tool helps create and manage your tasks by assigning them to the team.

3.Available tools are useful for resources like video, music, images, and many more.

4.The progress bar helps in tracking the tasks that are completed efficiently. 

5.It works great with the WordPress plugin.

6.The tool shares attention with important websites.

7.Content sharing is very easy with this platform.

8.The platform integrates well with Google Docs and other apps highly useful for teams.

9.The pricing adapts to various budgets and user requirements.

10.Blogs and social media are considered equally important.

Drawbacks of Coschedule

1.Plans are not balanced in terms of its pricing and the features it offers; and is also slightly on a higher side.

2.Difficult to choose between plans that may suit your business needs.

3.Users cannot schedule blog posts directly from the tool.

4.There is no option to select all in archiving and when deleting any time.

Pricing Plans

Coschedule offers pricing plans that you can choose. There is also a 14-day free trial without any need to give credit card details. The plans comprise the functions and pricing structure. There are two plans,

  1. Marketing Calendar
  2. Marketing Suite


The Marketing Calendar Plan comes with a pricing of $29/month when billed annually. The Calendar helps you see, schedule, and share your marketing.

For the Marketing Suite, it is a complete quote-based plan, and here you can discuss and negotiate plan price according to your requirement.

Why Do You Need Coschedule?

The important reasons of using Coschedule can be listed as,

1)Coschedule can be integrated with other tools like Evernote and Google Docs for exchanging texts, MailChimp for email marketing, and Google Analytics for report generation.

2)The availability of several search engines on the platform gives a chance to understand and work with the audience’s ideas.

3)The WordPress plugin makes it easy to keep up the functional aspects in which the calendar allows users to access their blogs and add social profiles.

Wrap Up 

A content calendar is a great option that you plan what is about to get posted over the next few weeks and months. Coschedule helps in staying organized as well as tracking each person’s performance. Content marketers can also monitor their teams to check if everything is working as per plan. The best part is it lets them work together irrespective of their place to achieve their expected results.



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