KWFinder Review 2022: Is It The Best Keyword Research And Analysis Tool?

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KWFinder is an extremely strong & all in one keyword and SEO tool. It aids in the discovery of keywords for both SEO and sponsored search. And you have docked at the perfect site if you are searching for an unbiased KWFinder review.

Whether it is blog articles, product pages, or meta descriptions, keywords are the backbone of any online search engine optimised content. Therefore, you will need a robust keyword research tool to establish a powerful online presence.

With that said, there are several tools available to assist you in completing your task. However, completing successful & effective keyword research is far more crucial than simply conducting keyword research. The reason is crystal clear. Your site traffic will stay constant without growing. Neither the high-quality content nor the massive promotion can help you out.

Using a tool like KWFinder to gather profound information on keywords (search volume & ranking difficulties) is the only way to get it.

Let’s take a closer look at the KWfinder review- to get a better idea of what this keyword research tool is all about.

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is a keyword research tool created by Mangools and Peter Hrbáik in August 2014 to make it easier for users to uncover keywords with high search volume and minimal SEO complexity.

It satisfies the demand for keyword expansion, which entails developing additional keywords to rank a website. You can analyse historical search volumes, see what keywords your rivals are ranking for, perform local keyword research and SERP analysis, and many other things. 

Mangools have also experimented & expanded their SEO toolkit with other tools such as SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner & Site Profiler.  

  • SERPChecker- It helps in checking the search result page
  • SERPWatcher- This is a rank tool to identify the position of the domain in SERP
  • LinkMiner- It is used as a backlink analysis tool
  • SiteProfiler- Site benchmarking tool for competitors traffic analysis 

How to start with KWFinder?

How easy is it to start with KWFinder and find keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty?

With KW Finder, it is not that complicated. You can determine which keywords you want to rank. In this detailed KWFinder review, you will understand how KWFinder makes it easy with the detailed information for each keyword such as search volume, cost per click, ranking difficulty, pay per click, and other related data.

Keyword look-up:


To get started, go to the “Search by keyword” section and type in a keyword, then choose a location and tap on “Find keywords.” When you enter one or more keywords into KWFinder, the tool displays a variety of metrics for that keyword right away:

  • Trend: Trends are a collection of data that may be used to identify the highs and lows in the number of times keywords were searched during the previous 12 months.
  • Search: The number of times particular terms were searched for in the country you selected within a given time is referred to as search volume. It is obvious that keywords with a high volume will receive more traffic.
  • CPC: The cost-per-click (CPC) is a metric that shows you how much you would spend per click if you used paid search to appear for that keyword. Even if you are not running advertisements, you should know how much it is worth to the competitors to get ahead in the SERPs.
  • PPC: A paid search difficulty index varying from 0 to 100 reveals how competitive Google Ads are. Both advertisers and publications get to benefit from the PPC statistic.
  • KD: Keyword Difficulty (KD) is a metric that indicates how extensive the SEO effort would be to rank a page in Google’s top 10 results for a certain keyword organically.

You will get to see the “Related Keywords” section that is based on KWFinder’s databases, while those under “Autocomplete” and “Questions” are based on Google Suggest.



List and Export:

KWFinder makes creating keyword lists as simple as a few clicks, allowing you to make many lists and add keywords to each one as you come across them throughout your keyword research. You may make a list out of a set of keywords.


You have the option to either copy the keywords to the clipboard or by exporting them in CSV format. You also get to download the metrics of each keyword for a seamless productive result. This way you can decrease the manual work and you can track the ranking with Serpwatcher.


Competitor Analysis:


KWFinder is a powerful and best keyword research and analysis tool that also allows you to take advantage of your competitors’ SEO strategies. This will make it easier for you to rank on Google’s first page. All you have to do is enter the competitor’s website’s domain into the KWFinder research tool.

As a result, you’ll get a list of keywords that are assisting your competitors in ranking higher on Google. Although the database of KWFinder isn’t as vast as Ahrefs, the nicest thing about it is that it strives to improve, and you can expect database development in the near future.

Features Of KWFindwer

Ease of use:

KWFinder’s ease of use is one of the main reasons for being all in one keyword and SEO tool. The team of Mangools made sure to keep KWFinder transparent and easy to use. A quick search of keywords with instant results along with specifying the language, city, or country is made easy. You get to analyse the metric charts, search volume, difficulty scores, estimated traffic levels, & click prices easily without any hustle. 


The bulk upload and review:

Sometimes all you have to do is go through your previous keywords again. KWfinder has a feature that allows you to upload a large number of keywords at once and evaluate them using all of the metrics. KWFinder has a unique approach of not giving keyword suggestions but rather analysing the keyword and offering the KD index for each keyword present on the list. KWFinder uses one of the five metrics to order the keywords, making it easier to choose which ones to include in a keyword list.


Filter search by location & Language:

This feature can work the best for you if you have a target audience. You can filter out the keywords that are widely used by the audience in a certain location and language. KWFinder is the best & affordable keyword research tool that narrows down the keyword with country, state, or city which can turn out to be the best thing to rank higher on the Google page. This way, you can make more advanced decisions for your business and skyrocket your business.



Mangools provides excellent help. They provide live chat and email help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a novice, they can assist you in getting started and running.

You can also get live assistance from the developers of KWFinder through the website. The users can drag and drop the chat window as needed because the default right corner covers the keywords when the user is in a discussion.

KWFinder’s Pricing Plans:


KWFinder comes with three pricing models- Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium & Mangools Agency. Mangools also provides a 10-day free trial, allowing you to try out their services before committing to one of their pricing models.

The basic plan costs $29 per month for 100 keyword research per day, out of 700, you get 200 keyword suggestions, 25 competitor keywords/search, and many more. This plan is easy, tidy, and affordable which makes it a perfect choice for beginners. 

The premium plan costs $39 per month for 500 keyword research per day, You get 700 keyword suggestions, unlimited competitor keywords/search, 500 SERP lookouts, and many more. 

The agency plan costs $79 per month for 1200 keyword research per day, You get 700 keyword suggestions, unlimited competitor keywords/search, 1200 SERP lookouts, and many more. This plan suits best for well-established brands.

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Pros & Cons: KWFinder Review


  • The UI is simple to use.
  • Affordable keyword research tool
  • Excellent customer service, including a fortune of straightforward walkthroughs.
  • It assists in finding related, relevant keywords as well as the search for long-tail keywords.
  • The free trial does not require a credit card.
  • Look at which websites are currently ranking for each keyword.
  • Filters the number of results by selecting a location and a language.
  • Includes most of the fundamental things you’d expect from a keyword tool.


  • Low keyword suggestion limitations are a disadvantage.
  • Keyword suggestion limitations are low.
  • It is not integrated with Google Analytics.

Final Verdict: KWFinder Review

KWFinder is the Best keyword research and analysis tool that simplifies the whole process of keyword research with its powerful metrics. It has a simple and intuitive design that makes it excellent for beginners looking for fresh keyword prospects and rapidly assessing their potential.

Without a doubt, KWFinder is the best and all-in-one keyword and SEO tool available. It has the ability to provide you with what you need. You should use KWFinder for all of your marketing efforts.

So, did you like our KWFinder review? Let us know if you still have any doubts.

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