ClickMeter Review – The Best Link Tracking Tool For 2021

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Globalization is booming, and technology coupled with the internet is the primary driver of this shift. Companies embracing digitalization or digital technology are reaching greater heights than those that haven’t. With said that, After digitalization, it’s online marketing tools that have made their impactful presence in the industry. Hence here we are with a quick Clickmeter review- The best link tracking tool. 

Are you wondering what Clickmeter is all about? Is it worth the money? Well! Your search ends here with all the questions you had. 

Clickmeter is hands down the best link tracking tool that offers you excellent features at affordable prices. In this Clickmeter review, we are going to cover it all.

The sales of your products and services might suffer if you do not have the right tools to help you out there. ClickMeter integrates numerous marketing tools in one, delivering visitor and customer behavior data that may take your organization to the next level.

So, are you watching your site clicks and links as part of your daily routine? Can you look up what users clicked? Can you determine the source of your clicks?

Well! Now you can with this best link tracking tool

What Is Clickmeter & How Does It Work?

ClickMeter is a straightforward and free affiliate link tracker that lets you manage your marketing (affiliate) links and social media links in one place.

ClickMeter is a fantastic tool for companies, agencies, and marketing professionals that want to ensure that their marketing campaigns, efforts, and strategies are not going in vain and delivering enough revenue for their business or company.

The system tracks the behaviors and actions of prospects, customers, and audiences as they access and consume digital advertising and content presented on multiple websites and marketing channels.

The tool also gives customers an in-depth analysis of their campaigns’ performance. So that they can determine how effective their efforts are and how much traffic a specific website or web page has been able to produce.

Let us have a look at the dashboard of Clickmeter and a few key points that will help you understand its functioning in this Clickmeter review.


Campaign Performance:


Dashboard > Reports > Campaigns

  • This will provide a list of all the campaigns that you have configured on the ClickMeter dashboard.
  • A total of 13 data points can be viewed in this area of the report (select by clicking the grey wheel icon)
  • Download a CSV file by clicking on the arrow heading downwards on the right side.

Tracking Link Performance Within A Campaign:

 Dashboard > Reports > Campaigns >

  • Select the blue or pink bubble with a # in it to get started with your search.
  • It will display all the tracking links (blue) and tracking pixels (pink) associated with a particular campaign.
  • A total of 14 data points can be viewed in this area of the report (select by clicking the grey wheel icon)
  • Download a CSV file by clicking on the arrow heading downwards on the right side.

View clicks specific to a conversion:


Dashboard > Conversions > click on the hyperlinked #

  • It will offer you click-by-click information on the traffic that came via the conversion.
  • A total of 23 data points can be viewed in this area of the report (select by clicking the grey wheel icon)
  • It is possible to pick a different sort of click by selecting “All types” in the multi-colored box at the upper right.
  • Download a CSV file by clicking on the arrow heading downwards on the right side.
  • Select the “Query Parameter” data point from the data point menu in order to see the UTM/Parameter (Click the grey wheel icon on the top right of the list of events page).

Create a tracking link with the affiliate link


In your affiliate dashboard, you will see a list of offers, among which you will find “Amazing tracking tools for affiliate marketers.” 

Copy your Affiliate Tracking link, click create a new tracking link, then paste it into the target URL. You can either go for a default campaign or create a new campaign. Click Create Link, and copy the short tracking link.

Then paste the Clickmeter short link into your social media page. On your social media profile, copy and paste one of the advertising messages from the Clickmeter support page. Then log in and share your work with the world.

TopMost Features Of Clickmeter

Let us now look at some key features of the best Link Management Service in this Clickmeter review. 

Targeting & Redirects 

ClickMeter allows you to target visitors where they yield the best conversion rates based on their language, location, system, device. You even get to know whether they are human or bots. 

Clickmeter redirection features include targeted redirection by country, language, device type, and user type. It is possible to create a redirect in a number of ways: random or sequential, weighted; SSL or non-SSL, link tagging, link cloning, dynamic, search engine friendly, bulk link imports or creation, page titling, URL parameters, anonymized referrers, link cloaking, URL encryption, referral wiping, first-level or subdomain.

Link Tracking

After tracking the number of times a client or visitor clicks on a link, Clickmeter lets you extract the data into sophisticated statistics. All of the data is Google Analytics UTM compliant (urchin tracking module). 

ClickMeter tracks timestamp, IP address, nation, region, city, organization, language, browser type, platform type, mobile, visitor type, unique/non-unique, source, custom parameters, keywords, and more.

Conversion Tracking

It allows you to track who clicks on your advertisements and free product listings lead to significant actions such as sales or leads. 

You can track conversions by funnel segment, configurable cookies, product IDs, custom parameters, conversion value, and commission amount. Other tracking options include SSL or non-SSL, A/B testing, UE privacy, IP exclusion, link spam blocking, and Google Analytics UTM campaign URLs.

Link Analysis

Despite the fact that ClickMeter can track nearly any valuable data you want. However, it would not turn out to be a big deal if you can not evaluate that data.

Therefore, Clickmeter offers daily, weekly, or monthly detailed reports and maps that compile your data into easy-to-read reports and maps. Plus, you may compare different data points to enhance your marketing strategy quickly. 

Evaluating visitor and sales data takes up a lot of time. Therefore, this platform gives organizational features that help speed up the analysis process. You may use tags (links and campaigns) and timeframes to narrow down your results.

Link Analysis includes dashboard KPIs, trend reports, IP addresses, periodicity, pixel reports, conversion comparisons, keywords, conversion rates, click-streams, mapped clicks, campaign reports, nations, ISPs, parameters, sources, tags, languages, currencies, and more.


An easy-to-use collaboration tool is essential whether you’re running numerous campaigns or working with a wide range of customers. And Clickmeter- The best Link tracking tool comes up with a collaboration tool that lets you share reports.

With ClickMeter, you have the option of publishing reports publicly or requiring customers to log in to keep their data private, depending on your preferences. In addition to private sharing and public sharing, ClickMeter’s platform allows users to share through email, manage sub-accounts, and set up auto-login links.

Link Integration 

They offer over 400 affiliate networks, so you may join different networks and check stats on one page. With the help of a UTM, Every affiliate link is tracked (affiliate tracking) with numerous data points, so you know what is working for you and what is not.

It integrates with Shopify, WordPress, Adwords, Google Analytics, Backpage, Chrome, Rebrandly, Megaphone, Firefox, Affiliate networks, Safari, and so on.

ClickMeter API

To automate batch links, campaign development, branded aggregated data, and consumer data enhancement without starting from scratch, you can take the help of the API tool of Clickmeter.

In addition, the API offers a system to grant third-party access to data using DAC access control. It allows for open communication without exposing sensitive data.

Why should you get ClickMeter?

Campaign monitoring- 

Advertisers and publishers can all keep a close watch on their campaigns to see how they are performing while comparing with others. It would be helpful to know which of their efforts are paying off and which ones need an extra push for a successful marketing initiative.

Useful Insights-

With this simple and uncomplicated omnichannel marketing solution, affiliate marketers can make the best selections. Brands, advertisers/merchants, and publishers/affiliates are some of these participants. 

Insights gained by ClickMeter assist marketers in determining whether or not their marketing strategies across different channels are actually effective.

Click Fraud Protection-

It is a form of advertising misconduct that causes marketers to lose a lot of money because of click fraud. ClickMeter employs specific steps to ensure that only legal clicks are logged and monetized in order to keep their campaigns secure.

Real-Time Results Sharing-

Find out how to share your results in real-time with Clickmeter. It is essential to stay up-to-date on your results, statistics, and other information. Your private and public modes of ClickMeter would provide instantaneous real-time statistics that you could share with others.

Clickmeter Pros & Cons:

There is no light without darkness. Therefore, there are few downsides of Clickmeter along with tons of benefits. SO, let’s have a look at the pros and cons in this Clickmeter review.


  • Traffic routing (geo, language, device, etc.)
  • Data tagging
  • Many Redirection Options
  • Intuitive UX
  • Sales reporting
  • Can export raw data
  • Vanity links
  • Powerful API & Reporting
  • Creates pixels to track blog posts
  • Customer support questions are answered within 24 hours
  • Conversion tracking


  • A bit Expensive
  • No direct phone support
  • Compatibility issues outside Google Chrome and Firefox

Let us now head right into the pricing section in this Clickmeter review.

amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliate Marketers

Clickmeter Pricing Plans:

ClickMeter- The best link tracking tool costs a monthly subscription. However, you can save extra by annual subscriptions as well. On subscriptions of 12 months or more, you receive two months free. Prepay for 24 months, and you receive six months free on top of that!

There are three main tiers of pricing, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Medium – $29+ per month

Large – $99+ per month

X-Large – $349+ per month

Furthermore, only new users are eligible for the money-back guarantee. Within the first 30 days, you must either downgrade your account to free or remove it entirely. Use your ClickMeter registered email to make a refund request to administration[at]

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Final Thoughts- Is Clickmeter The Best Link Tracking Tool?

If you want your business to reach greater heights, Clickmeter is the tool for you. It is the best link tracking tool that is growth-driven, goal-oriented, result-oriented, and very passionate about helping to make all your campaigns succeed.

With Clickmeter, everything would work faster in terms of tracking and optimizing your campaigns. With all the features that Clickmeter comes up with, it is worth the investment. Once you get a hang of it, the platform can pay for itself.

So, have you ever used Clickmeter? If yes! How was your experience? And did you like our detailed Clickmeter Review? Let us know in the comment section below.

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