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A logo is necessary for a variety of reasons. First, it catches your visitors’ attention and assists you in making a good first impression.

But it is also the footing of your brand’s uniqueness.

When you want to stand out from the crowd and establish a strong market identity, you’ll need a one-of-a-kind and outstanding logo design for your company or personal brand to make an impression on your audience, establish your company, and foster brand loyalty.

You might be guessing at this point that you don’t have the technical skills or the budget to create your logo.

Do not bother!

There are now simple tools for creating high-quality logos without learning how to code.

Turbologo is one such Free Logo Maker that facilitates businesses to design unique brand images using a combination of colours, icons, patterns, layouts, and fonts.


Here in this SaasTrac review, let’s examine Turbologo features, pricing, and benefits.

Turbologo Review 2022


What is Turbologo

A logo-making tool that facilitates businesses to design unique brand images using a combination of colours, icons, patterns, layouts, and fonts.

It is a web-based graphic designing solution that permits users to create and generate unique logos. It is for companies of all sizes as well as independent designers.

You can create logos online in a matter of minutes and free of charge. Only downloading high-resolution images requires payment. You can browse different packages and pick the best one according to your niche.

With the help of its online logo maker, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers can create a professional and excellent logo.

Here are a few examples of the cool logos created by Turbologo’s online logo maker in a matter of minutes:


Specifications|Turbologo Review 2022|

  • Create Beautiful Logos in Minutes

For your personal or professional logo, Turbologo’s Logo Maker can assist in selecting the ideal logo design, fonts, icons, and colour schemes.

You can choose the template you love with the help of their user-friendly design tool. You can choose the best design for your business from hundreds of options. It only requires a few clicks and can take up to ten minutes.

  • Simple & Faster Logo Creation

You only need to pursue a few effortless steps to get started using the Turbologo logo generator.

To begin, enter the name of your business and industry. Next, determine which style, colours, and symbols you love the most for your logo, and Turbologo will draw inspiration from each of these to design unique logos.

  • Better Than a Personal Graphic Designer

Turbologo’s  ammunition kit is loaded with all the tools required  to create a professional logo design, business card, a social media kit, favicon and much more.

See how it is no less than a graphic designer-

  • High-res files

You can get files with high resolution from Turbologo. 

When you buy their plans, you will acquire high-resolution, usable PNG and JPEG logo file formats.

  •  Print-Ready Vector Files

You can produce a striking logo employing the free logo maker offered by Turbologo for use on your website, in print, or online. You can obtain vector SVG or PDF files from Turbologo.

  • Diverse Color Variations

You can get excellent logos with colored and transparent backgrounds with Turbologo.

  • Business Card Designs

Numerous customizable and professional business card designs are ready in the brand kit.

  • Social Media Kit

For establishing your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, download brand assets available for social media platforms.

  •  Brand Guidelines

You can select the fonts and colours for your brand uniqueness with the help of the brand guidelines furnished by the logo maker at Turbologo.

  • After-Purchase Modifications

When you buy a Turbologo subscription, you can make as many modifications to your logo as you like.

  • Full Logo Ownership

You have full ownership and copyright for every design created with the Turbologo logo generator.


How to Use Turbologo Logo Generator


Using the Turbologo logo generator, creating your logo is simple.

Just follow these five instructions or a video presented on their website to get started:

  • Enter Your Business Name

Enter your business name, catchphrase, and industry first. The website requires a range of fitting illustrations. Remember that your slogan should be suitable as well!

  • Choose Inspiration

The second step is to select a small number of high-quality representations from a vast library of diverse images. Please note that you shouldn’t always include your company’s name in a logo.

  • Design a Logo

Thirdly, provide your brand-appropriate background color. You can choose various logo designs, thanks to the best free logo maker!

  • Customize Your Design

You can select an option from the options presented and look through the editing features. Maybe a few more lashes will provide your logo with a little extra flair!

  • Download Your Logo

The finished product is available for download in a variety of formats. 

Sign Up


By creating an account in the image above, you may begin using Turbologo.

The Turbologo first screen will appear as soon as you sign up, as illustrated in the image below.


You can choose to make a logo, a business card, a letterhead, a YouTube or Facebook cover, or another design by clicking the appropriate link here.

To create your logo, look through its lovely logo templates.

You may simply build a logo with the help of Turbologo. 

You can create a logo that reflects your brand or the image of your business. Start by browsing Turbologo’s library of professional logo templates

A customizable option is the one you should go for. One of the simplest ways to launch your brand is with the help of their logo design tool.

Best Logo Designs For Any Industry-


Turbologo Pricing


|Turbologo Review 2022|

Freely design as many variations of your logo as you like. Pay just for the downloads you want. For their products, they’ve created practical packaging suitable for almost everyone.

So, all you have to do to buy a ready-made logo is choose the appropriate tariff.

Not only does Turbologo provide you with excellent creative templates, but it also has a tonne of editing and customization options. 

Additionally, it’s a huge plus that you can keep editing your creation for three months or a year, depending on your payment. 

In comparison to competitors, Turbologo’s pricing is very reasonable. There are three bundles available.

Check Plans-

1. Lite

One-time payment

The Lite plan at ₹490(INR) provides-

  • Logo file options
  • One logo file(no transparent file)
2. Standard

One-time payment

The most popular bundle is a standard one.

The standard plan is now 790 (INR), down from 1580 (INR). It presents-

  • Logo file options
  • High-quality logo images and transparent background
  • Vector files
  • Platform access
  • Create new versions of logo
  • Make unlimited changes to your logos
  • Full copyright ownership
  • Free support
3. Business

One-time payment

The business plan at ₹1590(INR) was ₹3180 previously.

  • Logo file options
  • High-quality logo images and transparent background.
  • Brandkit
  • Vector Files
  • Brand identity
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Social covers and profiles
  • Favicon
  • Envelopes
  • Watermarks
  • Wallpapers
  • Platform access
  • Create new versions of logo
  • Make unlimited changes to your logos
  • Full copyright ownership
  • Free Support



You can contact them by email or live chat, and they will answer right away if you have any questions or opinions regarding their service.

Additionally, in the articles listed below, they have provided useful advice on how to create a logo. (Use the picture below as a guide.)


Team Turbologo has covered each and every little nuance of logo creation in-depth in this article.

Pros & Cons

Why Choose Turbologo’s Business Logo Maker- Pros

  • Professional Logo Templates

A vast array of quality professional logo templates with innovative customization tools to essay an infinite number of branding experimentations.

  • Save Time and Money

By allowing you to create simple designs quickly and without paying a dime, Turbologo logo generator helps you save time and money.

  • Live Support

To assist you with inquiries, their live customer care team is available.

  • Easy-to-Use Editor

Its easy-to-use editor lets you easily build your brand logo by adding icons, altering fonts and colors, and editing layouts.

  • Multi-Device Support

The Turbologo logo maker app does not require any software installations and is easily functional on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms.

  • Unlimited Downloads

After paying for the logo design, you have prompt access to high-resolution files. Editing and redownloading don’t implicate any additional charges.

  • It offers a lot of customization and well-tuned AI.



No free version

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Is Turbologo a Good Value? 

Indeed! It is a straightforward but exceptionally effective tool that makes creating logos simple and quick.

Turbologo’s adaptability and simplicity make it a great option for logo design and creation. 

When combined with the customizability, the countless high-res PNG and JPEG resources produce an outstanding final creation. You can make a logo with colored or transparent backgrounds in just a few minutes!

Because you only need to take a few steps to see results, it’s better than learning to make logos on your own or hiring a graphic designer.

No designer delivers even the most basic sketches for free, but with this robust online logo maker, you will.

Creating a logo for your company or personal brand doesn’t need a long learning curve or expensive materials. 

For people other than a designing background, this software is the most approachable, clear-cut, and beneficial.

Professional services cost a lot more than Turbologo does. And, the designer’s monthly fee is not trivial.

Contrarily, Turbologo is more than capable of saving several expenses.

Prices are reasonable, so you get the value of your money when you spend it. You are free to change your logo as often as you like.

It is easy, handy, and alluring. When processing your uniqueness, you may be confident that you will experience a complete aesthetic pleasure.

As a result, thanks to Turbologo, your logo will be of a high caliber and opulent.

Try Free Logo Maker Now-



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