A Unique Online Design Service| Placeit Review 2022|

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Designers will understand the difficulty of finding unique logo designs, video templates, and visuals for their clients’ projects. 

What if a tool could make this procedure go faster and easier?

We’ll examine a versatile online design service that can be a creative collaborator for both designers and non-designers in this SaaSTrac review.

This program has helped build thousands of intros for Youtube videos, digital mockups for apps, attractive visuals, and much more.

We are talking about Placeit, the unified design platform by Envato.

Yes! Placeit is a part of Envato that manages the world’s largest creative marketplace, assisting millions of individuals with everything from WordPress theme installation to video audio.

Placeit is a comprehensive online mockup, video, and design template maker. 

Placeit strives to blend design and technology in designing high-quality branding and marketing solutions for brands, regardless of technical or artistic ability.

Placeit specializes in turning complex designs and layouts into user-friendly solutions for its clients.

Let’s see how-

Placeit Review 2022


What Is Placeit?

Placeit is an online graphic design tool with mockups, gaming designs, logos, movies, and templates for graphic design and marketing.

Placeit is a web-based application for non-designers and designers to create logos, templates, animated flicks, and mockups.

It’s an easy-to-use web tool for producing unique designs and mockups.

Starting in 2012, it was the first mockup generator website on the internet and has the most templates to pick from.

It started as a mockup generator, but it has since extended to include design templates, video templates, and, most significantly, logo templates.



Nowadays, as online marketing and targeted advertising become more prevalent, firms like Placeit enable business owners (even those without design expertise) to produce customized adverts.

Without having to download any software, you can create all of your branding and marketing digital assets right in your browser.

With its design templates, you can create and download a t-shirt design in seconds. 

Placeit has thousands of garment, film, and graphic design templates that you can immediately download and alter. 

Placeit.net is a one-stop place for marketing needs.

Not only does it has beautiful templates, but it will give you a lot of marketing and branding options as well.

Do you, for example, require a new logo for your company? 

If that is the case, Placeit features a simple logo maker that will certainly develop something that discerns your company from other e-commerce companies.

Assume you own a t-shirt company and need to display those designs in your shop and need t-shirt mockups for your store right now, and you need to place those mockups on models so that your customers can see themselves wearing them.

So, what are your plans? 

Of course, you go to Placeit.net. Placeit.net includes a comprehensive mockup and template designer that allows quick logo creation and other graphical designs for your company.

Placeit is one of the best websites for finding endless design mockups, templates, demo videos, and other resources. 

Further, you’ll get high-resolution photos to publish to your clothing store! 

Yes, all of your downloads come with a business license!

Placeit can help you save money and time when it comes to designing t-shirts, business cards, book covers, and flyers. 

Start with a logo, then announce yourself to the world with a professional and entertaining intro video!

All of this is possible with placeit, your one-click online design service.


Placeit Goals


Placeit has three main goals-

  • Truly Easy to Use- 

Placeit aspires that complex designs should be as simple as filling out a form, allowing even non-designers to quickly develop their creations and start promoting their businesses with a single click.

  • Provide Endless Templates-


To provide thousands of templates from its ever-growing asset library to meet all of its customers’ needs.

  • Affordable Software-

affordable-software-placeit review-2022

To provide everyone with excellent branding, advertising, and marketing tools at affordable prices.

Now that we have learned about Placeit, let us look at some of its features:

Placeit Features| Placeit Review 2022|

Placeit offers 5 categories:

  1. Mockups
  2. Designs
  3. Logos
  4. Videos
  5. Gaming

You don’t have to choose just one, thankfully. Placeit allows users to download infinite files from any category for free or for a fee (more on that later).

Let’s take a closer look at each category now.



Mockups(images )that simulate your visual designs on tangible goods are essential to promoting a brand.

The website works nicely for mockup creation. 

All you have to do is upload an image with the desired proportions and type your text. When you’re finished, save the final image as a high-resolution PNG file.

You can choose from over 40,709 mockups. 

In general, the library is adaptable and straightforward to use. 

You can refine your search by using filters (mockup type, gender, age, ethnicity, and tags) until you find the ideal match for your product and target market.


Now, let’s  check the types of mockups in mockup generator-



There are:

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Backpacks
  • Tote bags
  • Beanies
  • Face masks
  • Dresses
  • Leggings
  • Swimsuits


Use mockups of numerous devices and apps to promote your projects, such as:

  • iPad
  • iMac
  • MacBook
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iOS Screenshots
  • App Demos


Consult the print section for a Placeit book mockup. Aside from literature, you’ll find:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Magazines
  • Packaging
  • Posters
  • Stationery.

Print on Demand

  • Bags
  • T-shirts
  • Coffee mugs
  • Travel mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Phone grips
  • Pillows
  • Wall art


Mockups for promotional purposes could give your company the edge it needs to succeed. 

It has-

  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Facebook Ads
  • Mupis
  • Signs


Over 10,000 templates are currently available in the design collection. The breadth of assets available is incredible. From record covers to Discord banners, you may create whatever you want.

The creative process is simple. 

Although it has limited editing capabilities, using the Placeit design tool is a breeze. 


Here, you can-

Insert your words and change the font type, size, and color to match the featured text.

The featured graphics – choose a color for each graphic after uploading your backdrop, icon, and logo, or choosing from the gallery.

Advanced cropping, blurring, and layers are some of the useful components. 

Sign up now, the best online design service for amazing designs-



Placeit’s logo design has over 4,600 templates ready for your creative vision.

These designs have categories based on the types of business requirements.



The following are some of the categories:

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Fitness and lifestyle
  • Food and events
  • Arts and education
  • Music and podcasts
  • Finance & Legal
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle and fitness
  • Design and architecture
  • Gaming
  • And more!

With Placeit logo maker, you may now customize the logo layout.

You can save your design as a 4000×4000 PNG or PDF once you’ve finished modifying it.

Sign Up Unique Online Design Service now-



Placeit has over 1000 free audio tracks to match its 900+ video animation creators and designs. You may quickly transform a template into your ideal video. 

The search filters make it easy to locate what you’re looking for.

Placeit movies exist in a variety of forms and sizes, including: Slideshows, intros, and outros.

Further, it has animated logos, twitch screens, and YouTube layouts for gaming videos.

Facebook covers, Instagram posts and stories, and promotional videos are some of the examples of social media videos.

Overall, the Placeit video creator is easy to use. 

You can alter-

  • Featured Text– You can change the size, color, and font after you’ve typed it in.
  • Audio Track- Choose a free song from the audio collection for the audio track.
  • Slides — Add new slides and change the backdrop, highlights, and information.
  • Playback speed- Pick speed from three levels: 0.5, 1, or 1.5.

Finally, you can save the finished product as an MP4 file.



The Placeit app encloses a gaming component that includes everything you need to brand your channel from start to finish.

It allows you to make:

  • Animated logos, Avatars, Fortnite-Inspired Templates, Gaming Freebies, OBS stream overlay
  • Merch — t-shirt mockups and designs
  • Streaming templates — OBS stream overlay and Starting Soon screens
  • Twitch templates — banners, offline banners, overlays, and panels 
  • YouTube templates —  intros/outros, banners, end cards, and thumbnails.


Additional tools, such as the Placeit Twitch guide and gamer tips, are available to help increase streaming.

Affiliate Program| Online Design Service|


You may start earning income by spreading the word about Placeit’s wonderful features by joining its affiliate programme!

Simply register an account and you’ll be assigned a unique affiliate ID.

You’ll earn a commission every time a consumer purchases something through your affiliate link.

You’ll also receive: $20 per monthly subscription referred, $50 per annual subscriber referred, and 50% of one-time sales.

You’ll be paid once a month via PayPal or bank transfer.


Free Account| One-Stop Place for Marketing Needs|

You must subscribe to Placeit’s services to use its services. 

Fortunately, it’s a quick and straightforward process, and you’ll get free templates.

Hundreds of new layouts are added to the Placeit online platform every week, some of which are free. 

You’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan if you want unlimited access.

For a Free account, click on Free Account as shown on the screen below-


Next, create an account with your email id, and you are good to go! (Refer to the image below)


Pricing| Placeit Review|


Free templates and mockups are available through the service.

However, Placeit’s premium plan lacks a typical free trial. You have to upgrade to the unlimited subscription to check all the functionalities.

You can always purchase items individually, but Placeit strongly suggests subscribing.

You can get all of Placeit’s mockups, design templates, videos, and logos for $14.95* per month or 89.65* per year.

All purchases come with a commercial license!


Your monthly subscription will automatically renew at the end of each period, with no minimum commitment required. You have the option to cancel at any time. 

And even if you cancel your subscription, you can access the designs you have created before.


Pros & Cons of the Unified Design Platform

  • Placeit is a straightforward website for users of all ability levels.
  • Its free mode is ideal for beginner mockup designers or hobbyists who want to put their design skills to the test.
  • It’s a reasonably priced and flexible tool without any agreement. By paying once, you can get a large number of mock-up designs.
  • You can save money on expensive photoshoots if you are a start-up.
  • It adds 600 new tools every week and keeps up with the latest popular trends.
  • User-friendly design tools
  • Alert customer support
  • High-resolution free templates
  • For skilled mockup designers, Placeit’s free mode is insufficient. Only a limited number of templates are available to free users. 
  • It could be somewhat costly for individuals who are not Placeit’s premium members. They must pay for each download separately.
  • This program may not be ideal for longer documents such as scrapbooks or magazines.
  • Lack of API integration.
  • Limited download formats
  • Lack of advanced customization options

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Placeit is a branding and marketing platform with a unified design platform

Mockups, templates, movies, logos, social media presets, and more are among the assets available.

Accessibility is one of its key strengths. 

For people lacking web design, marketing, or video production experience, placeit is definitely the go to tool for boosting ecommerce sites.

To get the most out of it, you don’t need to download any software, have any design abilities, or spend a lot of money. Everything you need to establish your brand is only a mouse click away.

Placeit has mixed results based on your design proficiency levels, so think about your priorities to figure out what’s best for you.

Placeit may have everything you need if you have minimum design abilities, value template alternatives and ease of use, and have the money to pay for a membership.

However, if you require the ability to upload custom fonts, lack funds to pay for a membership, prefer to pay-per-item, or do not speak English fluently, Placeit may not be ideal for you.


SaasTrac Team

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